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OIL is a pair dominantly followed by forex day traders and scalpers. Day traders simply love the volatile and wide swings the pair makes each day. There’s adequate level of liquidity in the OIL pair for scalpers to swiftly get in and out of trades. A wide range of forex technical analysis methods, like support and resistance trading, do work well due to the volume of transactions taking place in the OIL. It’s a pair crucial to the global economy.


OIL Technical Analysis Forecast

Though inevitably volatile, the OIL pair has consistently had a nice trend for the past days. The OIL trendline below does look fairly promising. OIL has the potential to develop strong trends which can surpass thousands of pips.







Type Currency Time ENTRY POINT Stop Loss Take Profit Take Profit2 Trade Status Hit Take Profit
SELL OIL 6 months ago 52.55 53.2 52.21 51.7


History of Current Trade

( Take Profit 1 Achieved )

BUY NZDUSD 6 months ago 0.6965 0.6945 0.699 0.702


Take Profit 1

( Take Profit 2 Achieved )

BUY NZDUSD 6 months ago 0.6965 0.6945 0.699 0.702


Take Profit 2

How we come up with reliable forex signals

Our reliable analysts make use of a vast range of indicators, tools, strategies, and trading techniques to bring value to our followers. Some indicators we take advantage of include moving averages, support and resistance levels, candlestick patterns, and more. Some of our trading approaches include arbitrage, hedging, market sentiment, price action, trading the news, trading central banks, and so on. Our experts have spent years in the industry, and they already have mastered the things that work and those that simply don’t. If you are too busy to learn these things independently, your easiest choice is to give our forex signals a try and see the thriving impact. The set of methodologies we generally use serve as our basis in issuing forex signals that you can maximize and enjoy.

Study the market

Our specialists, who have been in the forex trading market for years, will take charge of ensuring that the market analysis part is well-covered. We study the market taking into account the factors that robots can’t replace-- intuition and consideration of the economic conditions.

Use tools and indicators

We use a number of tools and indicators, coupled with the right strategies. It’s not just enough to use tools all at once. There should be a specific combination and formula that brings the win closer. QULPAY knows what the right combinations of tools, indicators, and strategies are.

Come up with premium Forex Signals

After having generated and ensured the quality of our free forex trading signals, we send alerts to our subscribers to let them have the opportunity to trade profitably using our reliable forex signals.

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Our free forex signals answer the typical questions below:

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A simple system is a good system. The less complications, the better. That is what you want, so that is what we always strive to achieve. After all, you are our priority.

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Free Forex Signal Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have already tried using forex signals, you probably already know the basics. If you haven’t yet, you probably still have some questions in mind. Here are the most common questions asked by new users. If you still have more questions, feel free to visit the contact us page, and reach out to our readily available team.

Just register for free to subscribe to higher plans for a small fee. Choose your package and review the details of each plan. Pick the package that suits your needs best. If you still are unsure about shelling out cash for forex signals, you can give our free forex signals a try and decide after the initial results.
The supposed-to-be necessary efforts of studying the market and using forex tools to decide when to trade and for which currency pair are eliminated if you choose to work with QULPAY. We do just that, so your life as an experienced or budding forex trader will be easier.
The daily results may not be uniform, but good results always come with forex signals. It’s better than trading without any knowledge at all. Give our free signals a try and see the difference. Talk won’t sell unless you have seen the walk.