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My name’s TK McDonald, I work in a bank. I’m a Relationship Manager, I manage individuals. My motivation to become a Forex trader is to get out of the daily 9-5 routine and have time to do the things I love doing. To spend more time with my family and travel more. One of the exciting things about trading Forex is that you can trade from anywhere; you just need a PC and an internet connection. My best trading day, thanks to the Forex Signal, has been a trade which gave me 1% in about 10 minutes.

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I’m Selwyn Gishen and I trade Forex in Spain. I’m on the board of a couple of international companies as a Non-Executive Director. Forex trading is very important to me. Forex permits me to trade 24 hours a day, any place that I may be. Before few years ago I decided that nobody was going to manage my finances – but myself. I use this site and become successful Forex trader and in control of my own financial destiny.

My name’s Tom Munro and I am a full time Forex trader here in the UK. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending this Forex Signal site to people. My dad’s are from a business background and when we moved from South Africa over here he transitioned to Forex trade. He’s found the Forex Signal to Trade have really sharpened his strategy and helped us both a huge amount.